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Rent a Cottage for a Vacation on a Budget – Weekly rentals in July & August for $1000 or Less

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I was listening to the radio recently and heard that the average household income in Canada is $73,000. Considering families have mortgages or rent, groceries, bills, vehicles and more on their expenses list every month it’s no wonder guests and consumers in general are always looking for deals and good bargains.

Unfortunately, cottage rentals rarely go on special, especially in the summer. So, I have compiled a list of cottages in each in popular regions that rent for $1100 or less per week and can accommodate at least a family of four:


balas_exterior1Of course if you’re willing to pay a little more the number of options you have increase significantly. Take a look at our calendars for July or August and see what you can get with your vacation budget this year.

Cottages photographed: Ship Island and Bala’s Little Secret

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