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Taking a Hike at the Cottage

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As a child my family and I visited countless Provincial Parks. In each park we followed winding hiking trails from the beginning to end. Every hike tells its own story.

I remember being eight years old at Chutes Provincial Park with my parents, younger brother and our dog (100 lbs. Siberian Husky). The hiking trails are amazing at this specific park. They wind through the rivers and small waterfalls where the logs used to be sent to damn the water passages.  mapleview_frontel1

It was a hot day at the end of July. The sun was blaring; we are only a kilometer into a 3 kilometer hike. My brother and I were fighting over who would get to hold the dog’s leash. Because, you know, whoever holds the leash gets to “lead the way.” My dad was sick of listening to us bicker so he held the leash. We got to a very narrow path but the dog decided he wanted to go another way. So my mom, brother and I were on the far right side and my dad and dog were on the left of a pool of water between two chutes. Well, to make matters interesting, the dog slipped on some wet rocks and fell in; pulling my dad along with him. Now this all sounds like fun and games but we lost our lunch, dry clothes, towels and camera that day.

For the rest of our trip we returned to the best swimming hole we’ve ever seen – it even has a natural waterslide carved into the rock!

east_lake_extpThat’s just one of many memories I have of hikes throughout Ontario with friends and family. Wherever you go, no matter the season, memories are bound to be made.

Take a look at some of our cottages which offer a Provincial Park pass which each rental. This provides you with activities and entertainment every day.


Cottages photographed here include Provincial Park passes: Mapleview and East Lake Cottage

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