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Why Wait for Summer?

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Are you waiting until June, July or even August to head north to cottage country? Why? If your only reason is swimming, than that’s fair. But, I’m sure many of us travel to cottages for more than one reason. Don’t get me wrong, I love jumping off the dock and swimming in the great wilderness Canada and particularly Ontario has to offer, but Spring is an absolutely beautiful time of the year to head up north for some rest and relaxation.derosa_gazebo

Although human beings don’t literally hibernate during the winter months, we do tend to stay away from the outdoors; running to and from our cars into work, our houses, shopping centres, etc. I haven’t seen many of my neighbours since the snow fell in December and I think it will still be a couple of weeks before trips to and from the car turn into walks around the block for most of them. However, that first hint of Spring, when the snow and ice turn into puddles and the sky is bright blue instead of that dreadful gray we’ve all come to loath, there’s a cheerfulness in the air that brings a smile to everyone’s face.

What a more perfect time to get away with your family and enjoy it? Break out the spring jackets and rain boots, put away the big winter coats and heavy boots ruined by salt, slush and snow. The great thing about getting away in the spring is that you can “test drive” a cottage or a particular lake or region. Maybe you want to spend a week or two in the summer here, try it out for a fraction of the cost! Let’s say the cost of an average cottage rental for a week in the summer is $1550 – you can get away to that same cottage for a weekend at this time of year for approximately $525. Now, that’s affordable right? Split the cost between 4 people and you’re looking at less than $150 per person for a weekend getaway (including the gas)!parry_island_beachfront

If you decide getting away in the Spring is something you want to do but want a large selection of properties to choose from, book a weekend after the Victoria Day long weekend. Many cottages open for the season on that weekend so the availability really widens after that.


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